Where We Stand: Outdoor Industry Association's position on public land designations
November 2015

Public lands and waters are the backbone of the outdoor industry and outdoor recreation economy. OIA supports the protection of recreation assets for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

In specific cases, if a high value recreation asset needs protection and there is local business support for a land designation, but no corresponding legislation (immediate or over time) is viable, OIA will support the executive branch’s use of the Antiquities Act to protect that asset.

Working with member companies and other strategic partners, OIA will work to develop new legislation, land designations, and policy tools to better fund, protect and manage public land and water for recreational use.

In many cases, the goals of better access and management can be achieved by optimizing existing programs and tools:

  • Agency Planning Processes (e.g., Master Leasing Plans, Forest Plans and similar)
  • Full or increased funding for these programs and tools

OIA believes that The Antiquities Act and The Wilderness Act are foundational laws to protect recreation on national public lands and waters and that the scope and power of both must be preserved.

OIA will support new land designations first through legislation that:

  • Protects high value recreation assets
  • Has local support from outdoor recreation businesses
  • Has support from one or more of the state’s Congressional delegation

OIA believes it is appropriate to pursue a higher level of protection for public lands and waters, and the recreational experiences they support, in the following circumstances:

  • To mitigate a threat from development
  • Protection is needed to maintain existing conditions
  • A special or iconic place warrants elevated status


2016 Outdoor Industry Association Priority Places to Protect for Recreation

  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (AK)
  • Grand Canyon (AZ)
  • California Central Coast (CA)
  • California Desert (CA)
  • Continental Divide (CO)
  • Boundary Waters (MN)
  • Oregon Wildlands (OR)
  • Owyhee (OR)
  • Tennessee Wilderness (TN)
  • Mountain Accord (UT)
  • Southeast Utah (UT)
  • Mountains to Sound Greenway (WA)
  • Wild Olympics (WA)
  • Birthplace of Rivers (WV) 


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