House parties are a great way to both educate and motivate concerned citizens about protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We have a great video overview of the Arctic Refuge you can stream from Vimeo. Just as important, this video will compel the viewers to do something, to take action, to make a difference. So when you host a video party, you should be ready to ask your guests after the video to do something, like sign a petition or postcard to the president.

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The type of get-together you have depends on you. It can be an after dinner party, a Saturday afternoon barbecue, a fun twist on your group’s monthly meeting, or a block party. The key isn’t the setting. It’s letting people know not only what is at stake, but also that they can have a big impact, whoever they are.

Party Tips:

1) Invite a variety of people. Think about more than just friends and family. Invite co-workers, hiking buddies, or that person you always see on the elevator. Sometimes having a crowd of a couple dozen people improves the atmosphere.

2) Depending on how large you would like the party to be, consider using websites like which allow you to email invitations to folks and track RSVPs or mail out fun invites since we all appreciate getting something fun in the mail.

3) If your location has the capability, show your attendees one of our many videos! Depending on your audience, we have videos ranging from conservation and religious leaders, Alaska Natives, communities of color, outdoor enthusiasts, veterans and communities of faith from across the U.S. It would be great to tell them why you’re passionate about protecting this important place. Try to connect the issue with your audience.

4) Have petitions and pens ready – folks will be excited to take action. You can use the petition here. Send the completed petitions to Washington, DC to be hand-delivered: Alaska Wilderness League, 122 C St NW, Suite 240, Washington, DC, 20001.

5) Following the event, send a write up about your event with photos or write a letter to the editor to your local newspaper outlining local support for protecting the Arctic Refuge and calling on President Obama to grant it the strongest protections possible. Find a guide to writing a letter to the editor here.

6) Please consider taking photos of your event and sending us (liz[at]alaskawild[dot]org) a report on how your event went. We’ll post your photos on the We Are The Arctic website to inspire others to host their own party.

Alaska Wilderness League staff are always available to help you with your party. To request a video, please call 202-544-5205 or email